Controlled Air Purifying Respirator
Personal Protective Equipment

Convenient Cage

SnapOn , SnapOff

Motor Fan protection during transport.

Helmet Mounted Filters/Cartridges

Eliminates need for bulky Belt-Mounted Filter Components

No restriction on maneuverability

Easy Don/Doff - no helper required
Maxair white helmet

Integrated Blower

Eliminates need for Breathing Hose

Nothing to get caught, snagged, hooked

No need for expensive disposable covers

No need for extra decontamition

Comfortable Liners

Secure lock Ratchet Knob for Head Circumference adjustments

Elevation slots for Head Height to Helmet adjustments

Front Comfort Strip and Rear Comfort Pad


Underneath Maxair white helmet

Simple and Convenient

  • Toxic Air pulled in by motor under the Filter Cover Cap (Cuff and Shroud) or through the Hood top
  • Toxic air pulled through filter and cleansed of harmful particulates
  • Clean air passes through Motor-Blower and down laminar flow channel to front Diffusers and Air Outlet
  • Diffused, Clean, cool air passes down around wearers' face
  • CO2 exhaused automatically
  • Lens defogged by airflow automatically

More Comfortable

  • Air Diffusers assist in low noise operation, typically less than 62dB.
  • Evenly dispersed air for comfort and anti-lens fogging.
  • Set air flow range to meet activity / comfort level.
  • Computer controlled consistancy.
  • Easy grasp-and-turn rachet to adjust head circumference to secure the helmet to your head.

Safe - Always on and Visible HUD LEDs

  • Front mounted LED's display critical information from system/airflow computer controller.
  • LED's provide real time HUD to wearer in upper peripheal vision.
  • Constant during use awareness of safe air flow and battery run time conditions.
  • No confusing audio alarms.
  • No need to stop and make manual checks, look away from activity, or ask a helper to read a "fuel gauge".
Clear MaxAir helmet

Standard Liner

Small Lightweight Headpads

Routine Use

2071-08 Liner for 2081-03 Helmets
Clear MaxAir helmet respirator

Hard Hat Liner

Large Extra-Cushion Headpads

Heavy Activity and Hard Hat Use

2071-07 Liner for 2083-03 Helmets

Helmet Accessories

Power Cord with "Notch"

Power Cord with

Power Cord without "Notch"

Power Cord without

Close Up Notch View

notch - no notch

For 2081-03 and 2083-03 Helmets
with 2500-36TSC, 2500-37TSC, and 2500-30TSC Batteries

The 2590-05 "Notched" Power Cord is for the latest CAPR Helmets, the 2081-03 and 2083-03 "Turn-Lock" Helmets.

The 2590-05 is backwards compatible with older Helmets and may be used as a replacement for the older, 2590-01 Power Cords.

Comfort Strips

Front Headband Comfort Strips

2000-201 Comfort Strips

1 Full strip for the front headband on all Helmets.
1/2 strip (Full strip cut in half) for the rear headband on all
     78SP and 300TS Series Helmets, 2025-03 and 2065-03.

Package of 36
pads for maxair system

Liner Replacement Foam Pads

2000-206 Helmet Liner Foam Pad Kit for CAPR Helmets
Includes 2 Liner front pads, 2 Liner rear pads, 1 rear headband Comfort Pad
For 2070-03 and 2075-03 CAPR Helmets
pads for maxair system

Liner Back Headband Comfort Strips

2000-209 Liner Foam Headband Pads Kit for CAPR Helmets

5 per Box
Helmet hanging hooks

Helmet (Hanging) Hooks

2000-204 Helmet Hooks

Package of 6, with mounting screws
2000-208 chin straps

2000-208 Chin Strap

ChinStrap for 2061-04A Hard Hat

Package of 5 per box
2000-210 chin straps

2000-210 Chin Strap

ChinStrap for 2061-04A Hard Hat

Package of 5 per box
2099-09 chin straps

2099-09 ChinBar

For CAPR Helmet Liners 2071-08 and 2071-07

Package of 3 per box
2099-05 liner side tabs

2099-05 Liner Side Tabs

3 Sets per box
2099-10 Adapters and Rivets Kit

2099-10 Adapters and Rivets Kit

For CAPR Helmets

15 Sets

2099-12 Adapters Kit

2099-12 Adapters Kit

For CAPR 2061-08 Filter Cover Cap (FCC)

15 Sets

2099-14 Hard Hat Adapters Kit

2099-14 Hard Hat Adapters Kit

For CAPR 2061-04A Hard Hats

15 Sets

Maxair PPE equipment

For nearly 15 years, MAXAIR Systems has been providing creative solutions to meet the needs wherever personal respiratory and contact concerns demand the highest quality of safety and comfort to the user.

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