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Do you have a vision of what you are trying to achieve,
with clear deadlines and achievable milestones?

Results come from a well-planned, well-executed and consistent branding and lead generation strategy. Partnering with MedTech Momentum, you will have access to our first-in-class online project management software, designed to provide you with real-time visibility, progress reports, & flexibility across people, projects & deliverables.
Your Brand Strategy is not about where your company is today, but rather where you want to take it. Therefore, the strategic options proposed by MedTech Momentum are about the next decade; about conceptualizing and executing a new sustainable and scalable Marketing Strategy for your organization; one designed to create brand awareness, educate, generate qualified leads, boost revenues and create value.
Step 1: We Assess

The first step to building your marketing engine is to candidly assess the state-of-affairs of your current marketing efforts. Here are some of the topics that we will be covering:

  1. WHY ARE YOU IN BUSINESS? This is the fundamental piece of the equation that will drive your whole marketing strategy. Knowing why you are in business and communicating about it will allow you to attract team members and customers who believe what you believe. This may be the most important factor to your long-term success.
  2. DEFINE SUCCESS Is it to Brand your organization? Re-brand-it ? Create awareness? Public Relations? Better manage your reputation? Maximize the Power on online marketing and social media? Produce insightful Content? Build an inbound marketing engine? Increase Web Traffic? Build a database? Generate qualified leads? Grow sales? Increase the value of the organization?
  3. BRAND ASSESSMENT Your Brand is Who You Are. Does your current Branding Strategy show your company at its best?
  4. CURRENT WEBSITE ASSESMENT Is your website generating qualified leads? If it does, do you have database to manage and nurture them?
  5. ONLINE PRESENCE ASSESSMENT Can your prospects find you easily and get compelling information? Do you have a Search Engine Optimization Strategy (SEO)?
  6. ONLINE REPUTATION ASSESSMENT Do you know what existing or potential customers see when they search for you, your company or your products online?
  7. COMPETITION ASSESSMENT Does your current communication strategy clearly display how and why your company is different from the competition?

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