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amy M

 Amy Mellinger

Spine Patient

My name is Amy, I am a mother of three boys and a nurse. Being on our feet all day while lifting patients & heavy items are very taxing on a nurses’ back, especially mine. In 2000, I was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis, which can make some medical treatments difficult. In 2005 I had a total disc replacement in my L5-S1 spine.

In 2017 I woke up in excruciating pain where I couldn’t move. My family needed to call 911 and I was taken to the hospital. The doctors and nurses did everything they could to help my pain, but due to my MS it made treatments difficult.

While I was in the hospital I found out that the hospital spine surgeon (Dr Tantorski) was away for the weekend and his associates were taking care of me. My 3rd day in the hospital he arrived to my hospital room and was very compassionate to the amount of pain I was in. He immediately changed my course of therapy. From that day forward I improved and left the hospital after 5 days. He immediately organized my 1st round of treatment. When I left the hospital I was to go to the surgery center to get an epidural steroid injection and later begun physical therapy. He understood that with my MS surgery was my last option.

After 2 years of on & off again treatments & therapy my pain became unbearable. I had pain across my lower back with pain & numbness shooting down my leg. Now my only option was surgery. Dr Tantorski explained that the surgery I needed what is called a “Direct Lateral Interfody Fusion with 4 screws & 2 rods” (DLIF). His reassurance to my recovery was very comforting.

The morning of my surgery I was positive that my surgery would be successful. After my surgery I can remember waking up in recovery room and just kept saying “the numbness and pain are gone in my leg”. When I was discharged from the hospital the next day he told me if I had any question to call him. I was back to work 3 months later.

A year later I am still pain-free! Dr. Tantorski‘s excellent surgical skills saved my quality of life and my career as a nurse. I can now play soccer, basketball and ride bikes with my three boys which I haven’t been able to do for years.

Thank you Dr Tantorski you are the absolute BEST!!!!

amy M

 Holly Goodroad, P.E

Spine Patient

The reason why I contacted Dr. Tantorski and his Team was because I was experiencing extreme pain in my neck and left arm. My left arm was very weak and most of the fingers on my left hand were numb. This pain, numbness, and weakness was constant which affected my day-to-day life activities and also my sleep schedule. It was tough for me because I am an active person and enjoy doing sports and activities such as golf, paddle boarding, running, swimming, skiing, etc.

Since I was in so much pain, my activity level was very limited. Even playing WII golf or bowling was challenging. I tried everything (stretching, going to the Chiropractor, using Lidocaine patches, taking over-the-counter pain relievers), but nothing seemed to ease the intense pain to a point where I could stand it.

When I met Dr. Tantorski, I immediately felt confident that he could help me out because of how he conducted his examinations. He was extremely thorough and also had a nice way of communicating his thoughts. He answered all of my questions and did so with kindness and patience (because I asked a lot of questions). After the first visit he diagnosed me with the herniated disc issue. It gave me relief to at least have an idea of what was causing me such intense pain.

holly happy min

Then when I had my second checkup after getting my MRI results, he was honest and confident about how to most effectively treat my herniated disk issue. He explained the whole procedure to me, which was great because I have anxiety about surgical procedures. Dr. Tantorski and his amazing Team have changed my life.

I had not realized it, but I have had some level of discomfort in my neck for roughly the last 10 years. It was not excruciating during that duration, only within the last year, but the surgery he has performed has gotten me back to my normal self. I am enjoying playing sports and all of my other favorite activities pain free. The only thing that reminds me of my surgery is a small scar across my neck. But that is vanishing as time passes and I continue to heal. Every time my friends, family, and coworkers see me, they make mention of how tiny the scar keeps getting. I am very happy with Dr. Tantorski and his Team and would recommend them to anyone! Great group!